Friday, November 5, 2010

Like a two year old child.......

I will start this post with some deep thoughts from my time with Jesus this week. And if you make it through all that finish it with some fun details from my time in Missouri(for those of you who care..which is prob just Jenn, my mom and TJ:)).
I have been reading the Psalms of Ascent and it has been awesome. For the past few days I have mediated on Ps. 131! REad it. It describes my 2010 year to a tee! The first part is david saying...I am not going to get involved in matters too difficult for me....Basicaly he is saying. Hey, I"m not going to try to figure God out and what God is doing. Sometimes He is just too big for me to understand and figure out. The next part says..My soul is quieted like a weaned child with his mother. A toddler. .Which happens to be what I have in my little Alex. A weaned child:) So I can totally relate to this word picture. When Alex is really tired and really grumpy and is refusing to sleep, I will hold him in my arms and rock him until he finally gives in and rests on his mommy. That is the best time. To hold his sleeping, finally calm self in my arms. Well...I do this same with God. I spend time trying to figure out why..And God what are you doing? And can't I do things the way I want to do them.And He lovingly gently holds me as I wrestle in his arms..untill my soul is quieted within me!Glory. What a loving abba daddy we have! The last verse reminds Israel..ANd now us. to Put our HOPE In the Lord. Our hope. ...The Hebrew says our waiting.Our patience. Our expectation in him.
I have spent much of 2010 waiting, losing patience and wrestling with God. But I want to trust him, stop wiggling and let my soul be quieted by him. What about you?Is He calming your soul today? Or are you like me...(and Alex in my arms) doing everything you can to get out of the grasp:)
So now for the not deep stuff. I have had a blast in Missouri. Yesterday todd took me to a bakery for lunch and I had homemade donuts to die for. I have swung outside with Alex for a million hours. Alex and I have had a blast with his playdough and train sets. Last night we had family movie night which makes alex very happy. Todd and I have run together, and played cards together. It is nice to be somewhere for 2 weeks where you don't have a to do list. I am having fun just playing with my fam:)
Love you all!

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