Sunday, October 26, 2008

More pics/life lately

alex in church nursery. He loves the attention he gets there. The whole church spoils him. What a blessing to be in the body of Christ at Westview.

pitiful face huh.

This was taken at a cabin in Pigeon Forge. little man got to go on a road trip, and eavesdrop at the elder's retreat for our church. Todd and the "elders"planned the calendar for 2009 while us wives played in pigeon forge. Alex loved the attention, but did not want to sleep, because he was just having too much fun. Jenn, not tomake you jealous, but we ate at the apple barn and had some good southern cooking!

What a fun sunday afternoon I had. Kellie, my wonderful sis in law came over to visit. I love hanging out with her.

Daddy loves being a daddy. Check out the paw print on Alex's butt. I always hate teenage girl pants that have words on them because they draw attention to the wrong places, but who can resist alex's cute butt:)hehhe.

Daddy and Alex playing together.

Todd and I decided to stop at Fazoli's in Cleveland on the way to pigeon forge. Who just happened to be there, but Kellie? Crazy huh. So we had dinner with her and Khlaid.

So life is going well. I am loving watching alex grow. He made a girlfriend today. There was a couple at church today who had a baby born one day after Alex. they were fast friends, drooling and cooing at eachother.

Remember today. God has transfered you from the kingdom of darkness to light. Glory hallelujah! So let's be live in the light of his redeeming love today!

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Jenn said...

i am soo in love with my cute little man. I love these pictures. I cannot believe how much He has grown. I could not quit smiling afte seeing these amazing pictures. Wow.. i miss him.. and you guys a ton of course. My favorite is the one with him and vicki smiling.. and then the one of you and him and kelli with His cheecks all puffed out.. that is soo a Jenn face. He will be making the fish face soon.. I loved it!!! i miss you and i am praying for you