Saturday, October 18, 2008

Gingerbread boy:)

Alex loves his wonderful daddy!
He is not sure about being kissed right then.
Look hkow long he has gotten Jenn. Maybe he is going to be tall.
this are these funky hanging chairs my dad bought for his media room. they hang from the ceiling. Cool huh?
The funky chair:)

I hate halloween, but I loved the trunk or treat my church did last year. This year, the cutest gingerbread boy in the world will be the best dressed out there:) my wonderful momma made his cutie pie gingerbread outfit!
Doesn't he just steal your heart?
He is smiling for Aunt Jenn.
He looks up to something

Yes, I occassionaly do get dressed. but defionatly not as often now that I am a new momma. Not the best pic of me, but Jenn, I thought you might want to see me.


angelonwheels said...

Just when I think Alex can't get any more adorable he does! Love all these and love you guys

Jenn said...

i sqealed.. literaly for joy when i saw the new pictures of alex.. and I made all of my friends come (they were spending the night at my house after leah's party) come and ooh and awwh over his pictures also. He is soo cute (as are you of course michelle) I loved the gingerbread constume.. that makes me soo happy. I mean realy He is the cutest thing EVER. I cannot believe how big he is getting.. I loved the crazy hanging chairs also.. hehehe.. it looks like some one in our family could get tangled up in them and make for a funny story--oh wait i am not home to do that. Anyways-- i was soo excited to see pictures of alex and you of course michelle and mommy and daddy-- i miss you guys soo much. By the way-- i am listening to christmas music as I type this.. Just for you!

whatanamateur said...

He's just the sweetest little man! It makes me want to cuddle with my laptop to see these cute pictures! He's especially cuddly in his little gingerbread outfit. So cute!

brittany farris said...

he really does get cuter and cuter!!! (if it's possible) Love you guys!!!