Monday, October 13, 2008

End of Roman Road

Wasn't that an exciting title post...hehhe. did it get your interest? Heheh. My pastor has been preaching through romans for 2 years. And he just finished on Sunday. I spent some time this morning reviewing all the Lord has taught me through that time, and what I had actually applied, and what I still needed to apply. It was powerful! I won't boer you with all the details, but I will say through it all God has truly kicked my tail in a couple of areas. One, that I don't need to be wise in my own eyes. I have no room for pride. Even though i was saved at 7, before I messed up a whole bunch, I need ot remember that there is no one righteous, no not one. All have sinned...even me.hehhe. of course me. It just reminds me afresh of the POWER of salvation. the next thing is not being ashamed of the gospel. laboring in prayer for people who don't know the gospel. Telling people who have never heard. I have not been very good at applying that, but I took the first step today towards sharing with someone who is not a believer and teh Lord has allowed me to have a relationship with. It waws so so super exciting~ Finally there is alot in romans about giving up my own will, being a living sacrifice. fervently serving the Lord. Being diligent to serve the body of Christ, even if it is inconvenient. I think I am doing much better at that since those series of sermons. but I have a long way to go.
I am so blessed at the grace and love of the Lord as I learn these lessons. What has the Lord been teaching you?


Anonymous said...


I know that there is none righteous. Christ has saved you and after living with you the past three years I can say with confidence that you walk in the new nature consistently!

I am so proud of you and in love with you!



Jenn said...

awwh.. now I guess I cannot say to much about ths really cheesy comment since it is so spiritual and stuff. Well you frankly are the cutest two people in the whole world.. and I can say confidently that both of you teach me what it means to walk in the new nature. I love you both soo much and miss you. Now do me a favor. Put alex besides you and give him a big old kiss and hug from his aunt jenn who misses him soo much

angelonwheels said...

I enjoy your post girl. I'll have to get back to you about what God is teaching me.

Washer Mom Val said...

Nice blog. God's blessings to you and your family. Beautiful son!