Monday, April 28, 2008

our baby's got soul

Even though I still don't know if our baby is a boy or girl, I do know our baby has some gospel soul in it. At Emmaus Saturday night Mark HIckman(a black man) sang three awesome songs. THe baby was kicking IN RYTHYM the whole time. IT obviously loved that type of music and just couldn't help but praise the Lord too. Isn't that amazing. THe baby is kicking and moving alot more now, and it makes me smile so big everytime. I cannot believe I am going to be a momma in four months. It was great at Emmaus to be surrounded by several young moms on the team who spoke into my life and were a great encouragement. Heather read verses about the baby when I was in the prayer chapel and it just made me cry. I am so privledged that the Lord has chosen me to knit this baby in my womb. Glory! God is going to do great things in the life of our future baby!


whatanamateur said...

I can't wait to see you this weekend! I bet you're looking so cute and pregnant. I love you!

lyndsayslaten said...

YES! that is AWESOME about him kicking in rhythm!!! who wasn't??? that man is amazing. truly amazing. :)

and what a beautiful opportunity to participate directly in assisting God with such an awesome miracle!! i can't wait to meet him! :)