Monday, April 21, 2008

Cutting a Rug

Whoever said Baptists can't dance was not at Mark and Lisa's wedding on Saturday. What a blast. The wedding reception was help outside at Steve and Valerie's house with a makeshift dance floor. Let me tell you, there are some people in our church who can dance:) Todd and I had a blast dancing with the rest of our crazy, not so Baptist church members. Sterling can do a mean electric slide(who happens to be our preacher)....And daddy...well....he just tried;)..I love the fact that our God loves to watch us have godly fun! I am so glad we do not go to a legalistic church. God does have rules for us for living, but I believe with all my heart He allows us to have good clean fun too.
This weekend was an absolute whirlwind!!!!!!!!Friday night Todd and I got to have a wonderful date night. We haven't had one of those in awhile. We picked up Chinese at the Chinese Express and ate outside conveniently at the tables in front of Marble Slab(you don't think this pregnant girl planned that). WE had a great time together, and also I managed to get some icecream out of the deal:)
Saturday was a funeral and a wedding, and a late night visit to the ER. We went to a funeral/celebration service for a family at our church's dad, then went straight to the wedding. Then Todd and I went to visit his Mom and husband bill in Charleston. Todd is so in tune with the Spirit, he just felt we should go. Well as soon as we got there, bill started having some major health problems, so we accompanied them to the ER. He ended up having surgery last night late on his small intestines. He will be having a little recovery time, but should be up and about soon.
Sunday was also crazy. We went to church, ran to Cleveland to the hospital, ran back to Chatt, visited some families with youth at iour church, then did a servant evangelism project with our youth.Which was a blast. We took them to Bi-Lo, and pushed people's buggies out for them, and unloaded their groceries and invited them to church. It was so much fun. The youth were troopers. Finished church, then ran back to Cleveland to the hospital.
needless to say, the baby and I were tired out from a busy weekend. However, ihave been so blessed lately with some great ministry opportunites. God is so much fun, and following him is a great adventure!So sorry for the long post. Also, please pray for the emmaus walk coming up this weekend. I want God to do HuGE things!


Anonymous said...

I had an incredible weekend with you!! Even though it was crazy-busy, I think the foundation of our weekend together was the fact that we got to have a date helps doesn't it? I love you and hope to see you soon sweety.

Todd - 2 Cor. 3:5-6

angelonwheels said...

Hey Michelle,

I'm so sorry about Bill, but hope he will be up and around soon! Glad you had a good date with Todd, but you just needed an excuse for icecream didn't you? lol.
Speaking of icecream, I'm still thinking about your icecream cake! Hint* How is Alyse doing? Talk soon

Katy G said...

Michelle & Todd,
I didn't want to leave the other one out. I am so glad that you got to spend some QT together Fri. night. I've been praying for you guys and I'm excited to see what He does through you. Mama told me about Bill and I'm praying about that too. Looking forward to some time with you soon I hope. Love you!
~ Katy

Jenn said...

hey sister. Sorry I am just now commenting but i was soo excited when I logged on and saw that you had a new post. I am sorry to hear about bill but I am glad to know that they figured out was wrong with him. (i just talked to mommy also so she told me a little bit more about it) I am so glad that you had such an awesome weekend. Isn't our church family just so awesome. I am praying soo hard for your emmaus weekend and iknow that God is going to do huge things. I cannot wait to hear about it. I love you sooo much. And oh yeah-- that beautiful shirt you gave me I love soo much. sadly i have not been able to wear it for two weeks because i loved it so much that i had it taken to the tailor to get two more made.. pretty cool huh. i love you and i'll let you know how the other two shirts turn out.