Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Weekend Wrapup

Well for my four loyal readers out there, I thought it was time for an update....I had one of those mornings.....where you can't find anything to wear. I went though 10 outfits in my closet. It looked like a hurricane had hit. I am assuming that this is a symptom of pregnancy....my skinny clothes are no longer fitting. But praise the Lord that means I have a little life growing inside(who now weighs as much as a paper clip)....or it means I have been eating too much pizza lately..since I had it wed, thursday, friday and then last night.....yup...its probably the pizza.
I had a great weekend. Friday night was spent with 12 girls from Eastdanalee baptist church. yup. I agreed to lead a disciple now(thanks casey) on Friday, and found out on Wed....Talk about quick studying. But I loved it. It was kindof a hard group to crack but I pray God used me some how. I did enjoy it, espically when I got to play Guitar Hero. That game could defionatly get addicting.heheh.The weekend was all about our identity in Christ....ARe we becoming more like the world or more like Christ...SAdly..Sometimes I think I am becoming more like the world. INstead of living out my royalty as a princess of the king. Jenn you would have been so proud. I showed Princess Diaries clips as my points.....Your princess theme carries on.
I came home Sat. afternoon and crashed. Then Todd and I had the best meal ever at Andy and Andrea's house from our church. Wow! They went all out. We had steak...shrimp...twice baked potatoes. rolls.peas....salad...mushrooms and onions. and tiramisu and lava cake for desert. What good food. But most of all they blessed us so much. We had a blast. and they have a one year old, so they gave us lots of good wisdom
God is so good. He gives us so many little blessing...or big blessings like my email from jenn. thanks jenn. I was dying to hear from you.Lets praise him today. Let's throw off the sin that entangles us and run the race God has for us!(i have realized lately I have lots of sin to throw off.
I love you guys!


Vicky said...

I am one of your loyal readers. Little peanut is really growing on your blog. I missed seeing you this past weekend. Michelle you are NOT becoming more like the world by any means. You are always a princess of the King and you are awesome! You radiate Princess all the time. We are very proud of both of our missionaries you are just on a different field than Jennifer. Little peanut is very lucky to have you as his/her mother. I hope you have a great week. I love you very very much.

Casey said...

I'm so glad you did the Disciple Now!! That's great news! Sorry if that put you on the spot. It was weird b/c I told her I couldn't make the trip and suggested that she call you and she said, "Oh, is Michelle local now?" Ummm...more local than me!

I love you!!

angelonwheels said...

You are amazing Michelle Hand! Your mama is right you know? God is getting you ready to give you a mission field on your home truf. Take care of yourself and peanut first. Peanut may be tired of pizza by now lol, or it may end up being his/her fav food. I'll talk to you soon. Love you!

Jenn said...

hey to my favorite sister in the world. i am so glad that we got to talk the other day. that made my day. i am so sorry that we got cut off.. electricity went off.. 16 hours a day with no electricity ( i am a real m now huh) and no real schedule so we don't know when.. usually the electricity is only on at the most random times. I miss you and i love you so much adn I was so happy to get to talk to you. i will call you again as soon as i can. I Am so proud of you little mama.