Wednesday, January 9, 2008

First Docto'rs Appointment

Well. Here is my long awaited update on my first doctor's appointment:). First off, the widget you see with the baby on my blog looks just like my little "peanut" looks. Seriously. I got my first baby pic yesterday and that is exactally what he or she looks like. Cute huh. They called it our little peanut at the doctor's office. And let me tell you....internal ultrasound....not too much fun:) But I am sure there is much more fun to come.
So the appointment was fairly traumatic for me, probably because i am a big wimp and scardy cat. But I think it was more traumatic emotionally. I was really excited about the visit. I guess I pictured the doc sitting down and talking with us, giving us advice, asking us if we had questions. None of the above happened. todd and I waited in the exam room for two hours before the doctor came in, while hearing someone sobbing extremely loudly in the room next door. That always makes you feel good the doctor was clearly upset when she came in the room. There was not much idle chatter. She just sent me straight to the ultrasound room. Where they totally invaded me:)hhehe. But I was excitedto see little peanut, and I think I could vaguely see the heartbeat, although I am not sure exactally what I was looking at...
That was that. Then they told me to get dressed and get my blood drawn. So I guess I was disappointed. I am not sure if I should continue to go to this doctor or go to a new one. IF anyone has any suggestions, let me know and pray God gives Todd and I wisdom. Because I am stuck with whoever I pick for 9 months and I want to enjoy them.
Then more trauma....hehhe. They could not get my blood drawn...They stuck me three times and were poking all around and I would not bleed. Let's just say that was not pleasant. Finally they stuck me in the bottom part of my arm..Poor Todd was more traumatized than me.
I went home after the appt and did what any girl would do. I put my pajamas on and took a nap...todd is the best hubbie. ever..
Well I gotta go, but I will post more later


angelonwheels said...

Hey Michelle,

Inspite of all the trauma, you've done so well! I am proud of you. I'm praying for you, maybe the doctor rushed, because she felt you guys would be in a hurry since you had to wait so long? I don't know, but take xare of yourself I'll talk to you soon!

Casey said...

Poor Michelle!!! That does sounds traumatic! You're so much braver than I am. I'm really excited for you!

I wonder if she'd just had to give someone bad news and that's why she was a little stand-offish.

I love you bunches!

Jenn said...

hey sister mama.. i get so excited when i think about you being a mama. The village house that we have stayed at the past three days has the absolute cutest baby in the world and i just can't wait to see how cute your baby will be. I am so sorry about how tramautic your doctors appointment was. That does not sound good.. but i am glad that todd took care of you and your little peanut. I will be praying for you to have wisdom about the doctor. I also had a traumatic doctor's experience yesterday.. well funny more like it. I have had explosive diarrhea for 3 days which is not fun on a squatty outdoor hole, so yesterday they made me go to literally this doc in the box. I had no idea that needles would be involved, but he thought that i might have typhoid so he took my blood and gave me a ton of medicine.. then he handed me the tiniest bottle i have ever seen and told me to poop in it. i laughed promptly-- for more of the story you will have to read my blog because i am gong to try to post it on there.. but let's just say that pooing in that little bottle was quite the experience. I am feeling better today.. and believe me my diarrhea has been the talk of the whole village and the whole village has come to offer me advice. It's hilarious.. you can't really poo in private here!
i love you. I got to come to the internet again today because we are leaving tommorow to go back to the remote village. I cannot wait to hear your voice and talk to you when i get back to kathmandu mama.

Vicky said...

Michelle I sent your blog name to Laura and Brenda where they could read what is going on with the Humbert(gingerbread)family. If you read this before this afternoon call me when you get home. You and Todd can ride to Debbie & Don's with me. Daddy is going to have to come from work because he had to go to Alabama today. Love ya!

Laura said...

Hi Mama Michelle! I am sooo sorry that you had that terrible first experience with the doctor! I will be praying that you find the right doctor for you and "little peanut". I love your blog. You and Jenn are so good at writing. We love the three of you and really enjoyed seeing you last weekend. Kevin did fine with his liver biopsy yesterday. It only took 15 minutes for the procedure and then we had to stay 4 hours after for observation. They didn't put him to sleep to do it. They gave him something though so that he didn't feel it. We should know sometime next week what they found out. Well you and "little peanut" take care of yourself. Tell Todd hello for us. Love you!!!
Aunt Laura