Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thankful Thursday!

This is a perfect pic of alex in every day life these days! Always on the move!
This was from Todd's bday party in July. Sorry just now posting it.
That is Alex trying on his Nepali outfit Aunt Jenn gave him!
This is Alex's favorite past time. Taking everything out of the cabinet.
Alex in his nepali outfit! He was not excited but we loved it.

I know my blog reading peeps. This is a long overdue post! I just haven't sat down at the computer long enough to write. Also, my most devoted reader(Jenn) is now with me live and in person, so she doesn't beg for the pics of Alex as much!
I wanted to write a little post on things lately that make me happy. Make me thankful to be alive. To have the gift of life. Little things and big things!

I am thankful that.......
My momma taught alex how to fold his hands together and say Dear God, Thank you....It is so adorable, and I love that he just randomly does it throughout the day. It is really funny when he does it when he is in trouble.That little stinker.

Alex is learning to praise dance. When I put on praise music, he starts bouncing up and down. It is too cute.

Jenn is home!Wahoo. And living with her wonderful sis in law..hehhe or however that works. Alex is so blessed with his aunts!

My parents are such godly examples and blessings to us!

I have the best hubbie in the world. He made me homemade biscuits and gravy on Saturday morning! Wow!

My jogging stroller my wonderful aunts(you guys are the best) gave me. It needs to get going alot more though since I am training for the disney world marathon in JANUARY(please keep me accountable)

I love my church fam. What a blessing they are!

Fall is coming! Wahoo...I love it love it!


whatanamateur said...

Ahem...I think I tie with Aunt Jenn in my devotion to your blog! And I'm not there! I demand more pictures of Alex!


Love you!!

Anonymous said...

Michelle, you are the best mother and wife in the world! I love you so much. You and Alex are God's covenant gifts in this life and a delight to my heart.

Hubbie :)

angelonwheels said...

I'm with casey I'm a loyal reader too! Thanks for the pics!