Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tribute to the best hubbie ever!

I thought the title might warn you guys this will be a cheesy post! You see, this very morning...Three years ago..I was waking up in the Majestic Mansion, taking the longest bubble bath ever while all my dedicated bridesmaids still slept. I wanted to savor every minute of that morning and I did......And the day got better and better from there. I had the best breakfast ever at the M.M. with some of my favorite people in the whole world. Then I dolled up and became a princess for the day...What a wonderful day my wedding was! Glory.....All those wonderful memories...It was perfect....But guess what...Today...three years later..I am more in love with my wonderful hubbie than ever. We have had some rough times and some really good times. But I can defionatly say, God has blessed me with the most incredible, selfless, God loving, Jesus following guy I could have ever imagined. He truly embodies the scriptures Paul teaches on being a godly husband. He is so selfless, and always thinking of how to serve me. He truly makes me feel cherished every day. He is very patient with me, esp these last few weeks since I have been a bit emotional, and probably whiny:)..
Todd. I love you so much! Three years ago, I never could have even imagined how incredible of a blessing it would be to be married to you. I pray God continues to bless our marriage in this next big stage...Which, by the way, is happening in 10 days!!!or less(or more but I hope not).
Todd totally romanced me last night for our anniversary. praise the Lord, God provided a gift card to Todd in April, which he saved for our anniversary. We went to Red Lobster, and I had one of the best meals ever.....Yummm! And then we drove to Rembrandts and had iced coffee and dessert and then walked around downtown in the art district. What a romantic, memorable evening. Todd could not have made it more special. I love him so so much!Happy anniversary dear!


Anonymous said...


I'm so in love with more than ever. The way our life together is turning, what God is doing, our journey now with's all so exciting (and challenging, at times..but Good!). Michelle, I can't stop thanking God for the wonderful, Christ-centered, respectful, submissive, trusting, creative, beautiful, relational wife, friend and confidant you are. I look forward to year #4 with great pleasure. To God be the glory..great things He has done.

Love with Christ's Love!

Hubbie always

Anonymous said...

"Todd totally romanced me last night..."

Michelle! Keep it PG on here! Your mother reads this!


Jenn said...

and your sister reads it to.. heheh.. but it's ok to have a romantic post on your anniversary.. love you and i love todd to.. hey i wrote a cheesy post for you and todd to ;-)

Leslie said...

Since it's been ions since I last saw you, and you were still single I think, it's really hard to imagine you pregnant! I'm so happy for you, and really hope to see you, and meet hubby and baby sometime sooner than later. I pray God' blessings and protection over your marriage, and your baby/delivery. I have to be honest, reading this post on the one hand made my heart skip a few beats in anticipation for when God brings my husband along-on the other hand my heart sank in discouragement thinking that it's merely a dream to be in love like that.

Britt Farris said...

ya'll are so precious!! yay for 3 years! :)