Friday, July 8, 2011

how beatiful the body of Christ still is:)

I laughed outloud when I signed on my blog and saw my last blog entry. It was written in march, and it was written from tc thomspon children's hospital about how beautful the body of CHrist was while I had four day hospital stay with my foster son Matthew. Now here I am in July..writing the next blog post...About how beautiful the body of CHrist has been to me while I have spent three days at TC Thomspon with Alex my son:) DIfferent kid, different problem. same hospital. Same body of Christ!THis has been a very very long week. Not much sleep. Watching your kid suffer is very very hard. But besides the grace and strength my Jesus gives. The beautiful body of Christ has made this week blessed!From er visit on Mon on, peop;le have been praying for sweet Alex. We have had many visits. Meals. Treats. OUr friend Casey B. filled our pantry up for when we get home. Equipped with Clorox wipes and everything. People have brought snacks. Jenn and others have stepped in with foster son Alex. my mom has come every day to love on little man. People have prayed for us. Brought coffee and treats. Sent balloons. Kelli B and her sweet boys even made a basket of goodies for Alex. The bubbles were a life saver. ONly the body of Christ can make a three day hospital stay easier. If you don't know Jesus, you are not only missing out on a relationship with the King of Kings, you are also missing the privledge of being involved with HIS church!
ON a funny note. Because our foster son Matt is a frequent hospital visitor. All the ER staff knew us by name:)It is hilarious how many staff at TC Thomspon recognize me. IN fact on July 4 the ER doc said..Do you come in every holiday:) so funny.I love Children's Hospital. ONly here do they bring doggies in to visit Alex:)And let you blow bubbles when you get an iv.
God always had different plans than us. I was supposed to bein Haiti today, serving the people there in JEsus name. INstead, God has me here, serving my Alex in Jesus name. ONe cool God story while I have been here. Last night, the night nurse looked familiar to me. she said same. She later remembered why.When I worked with student venture at her highschool, i took her to taco bell and shared the gospel with her. THis was 7 years ago. She still had the booklet, and said she finally gave it to someone else.She said it has changed her life, and now she was teaching kids sunday school! HOw cool is God. I shared the gospel with her 7 years ago when she was in highschool, and now she is taking care of my son:)God is so faithful

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angelonwheels said...

How cool we cannot always know the fruit Christ produces though us when we obey! Love you all!