Monday, September 22, 2008

Alex's one month pics:)

Gramps with Alex at his "One month birtday party"
Alex's first "birthday cake". Let's admit him turning a month old is a great excuse for chocolate. And icecream of course....He loved it:)
Alex's one month fam celebration minus todd because it was the week of revival at our church and he had to be there early.

Alex in the church nursery.
This is when aunt jenn left:(..........He misses his aunt jen so much. He loves his budro.!
In aunt Jen's bouncer, that finally has batteries in it. He loves iT.
Jenn..I knew you would love love this pics. Can you believe how much he has grown?

Suprised by the world:)...

Alex blends in with our comforter. He is starting to really fill out in this pic. but he has added wait since then. This outfit no longer fits him.

I love his face in this pic. He looks confused.
He loves to sleep in the car seat. That is my old baby blanket he is wrapped up in.

His one month pic with the gingerbread man. Isn't that adorable.He is so much bigger than the last time I took that pic when he was two weeks old. check out his little tummy.

Being a mommy to Alex is so much fun. He is such a great boy. Sometimes I still can't believe he is mine. He is so smart too. He held his bottle by himself for the first time the other day. He also can hold his head up for several minutes, when most babies his age cannot. God has blessed us with a wonderful, healthy boy ,and I can't thank him enough.

Nursing is still an adventure. I am attempting right now to get himj on more of a schedule. We will see how that works out. Please pray for wisdom for me.

He misses his aunt jenn most of all. Jenn, your budro misses you and prays for you every day! WE are doing great. Alex went to his first youth camp this weekend. He was so great. Todd spoke to the signal mtn bible church youth about evanglism. Todd was Amazing, and the Spirit truly showed up. God moved in mighty ways. I love watching Todd serve the Lord and serving with him in prayer. I believe Alex is going to be used of God in big ways.....
Love you guys. My faithful readers.


angelonwheels said...


What an amazing creation of God, Alex is! The pictures are such a treat! Is that your famous oreo ice cream cake I see? Why wasn't I invited??? lol just kidding.

Jenn said...

i loved these pictures so much. I am so excitd because I just so happened to open your blog this morning so I got to start my morning off in such an incredible way seeing photos of the love of my life. I think he is just simply the cutest thing ever. I cannot believe him. .He is getting a belly on him.. and the thing that I noticed most about him is how much longer he is. He already was long but wow. I am such a proud proud aunt . Thank you for being true to your promise to keep me in pictures. I loved the photobucket photos also.. i devoured everyone. pleaes keep it up because it makes me feel like I am still apart of his life. I miss you so much and I am praying for you hard. Thank you soo much for your encouraging e-mail . I will write you back soon and let you know how God has spoken to me . I love you so omuch. by the way that one month birthday cake looked incrdible.. i want to celebrate with one of those!

Brittany Farris said...

He is beautiful, Michelle... I believe, also, that God will use him in big ways and I pray for that! Love you...

Jenn said...

did i mention how much I love this little man. I have to look at his picture.. everyday or i go into aunt jenn withdrawel. Today I went back to my happy place (the christian massage place that gives the lovely 2 hour massages) You know you go to a place WAY to much when they are soo excited to see you. I have never seen a group of ladies get sooo excited over a babies pictures. I had to show him off of course.. and i think (though they were rapidly speaking nepalee) they agreed with me that he is the CUTEST baby in the whole world.

Anonymous said...

Michelle, you are the best mother ever and the best wife ever. I'm so proud to be married to you, such a wonderful woman of the Lord.

Alex is so beautiful...can I say that about a boy? He's my son, I can almost say anything I want to about him I guess. Hey, I love you both and am having a marvelous adventure raising Alex together with you Michelle.